Friday, December 18, 2009

going doki-doki over grand chase

woah! (first of all this is a repost! lol disclaimer: sorry i didnt know whos the original poster of this) the korean server is on its way to season 3! and they have so many updates coming! such as:

guild update
pc room benefit update
23 new character update
29 world tornament

O_O look at the 23 new characters update! its cool even if its still skill trees imo. and heres a teaser (well not a loading screen teaser but still a teaser) of thew 10TH CHARACTER!!!

i hope that shes a magic-user! because i think her weapon is a book? anyway am really excited by all the news from KGC! but i still need a muse on GCPH :(


Thursday, December 17, 2009

cotton & alley

just got home and its really a nice day today! first, i went at our school to return carl's flash disk to bianca (but she deleted my transferred sentai vids boo! joke) haha anyway my classmates included me on their exchange gift and am happy to know that am part (in someway) of their circle :)

after that i joined ghie and rei for lunch and went to ghie's house to visit cotton! yay!! shes suuuuuuuper cute and really furry! we tickled her tummy and shes so adorable! plus not to mention her famed trick! ...SIT cotton SIT! lol! am looking forward to seeing her puppies... maybe next year? then after playing with cotton rei and i made a special keychains! thanks ghie for the clay! (i owe you P60) =)) i made a cat (named Alley) and rei made a... katipunero? hahaha

boo! need to say goodbye now :( i still need to study on physics for my exam tomorrow :( but am still doki-doki because tomorrow is xandra's birthday party slash christmas paty! yey!


Monday, December 14, 2009


translates as "gekiviolet" as in THE first violet in sentai! sorry if am too late for this kind of post, but am still very new at sentai stuff so please forgive me lol! anyway i like the color violet but not the same as like that i have on yellow, i only have 3 violet shirts and they are all organizational shirts haha (violet are our org color.... cool ne?(sarcastic mode)) anyway am still happy that theres a violet ranger and still waiting for an orange =)) and btw hes animal or whaddyou call that? ...spirit i guess? is a wolf! awooo! cool huh? :)

Riki Miura

miura's second pic is from here is greenwood's live action adaptation, they said that the series are good and not to mention suzuki hiroki (gekired) is a girl there in the series O_O okay how can HE be a SHE!?

btw i havent watched jyuken sentai gekiranger so i cant give anymore comments bout my post but i did watched go-onger vs gekiranger movie and i look forward on seeing geki now! all i need to do is wait for my downloads to finish lol! and its weird no? i started watching sentai from shinkeger to go-onger and now to gekiranger haha i plan to download magiranger too because there's tsubasa! the magiyellow! :D


Saturday, December 12, 2009

onaji iero!

translates as: "the same yellow"... okay sounds weird right? i guess your wondering same to what? haha it means same to shinken red or any shinkenger who introduced themselves before shinken yellow and since she(shinken yellow) is the 5th shinkenger it is very rare that she says "shinken iero"... okay enough of my sentai-geekiness lol

Suzuka Morita

shes kotoha hanaori she is the samurai of earth (tsuchi no samurai) aka shinken yellow! and shes soooooooooooooo cute! i didnt have any proper research bout her profile but i think that shes a gravure idol?? am not sure but when i googled her i saw gravurish pics

and i love the kotoha x chiaki (yellow x green) pairing, they look soo cute together! id like to have em as keychains or cellphone charms lol! plus! takeru is meant for mako (red x pink)! wooo yeah! haha id like to talk about them but thats for another post! so better wait for it ^u^


Friday, December 11, 2009

grand chase

poopie! still no sign of muse :( next week is pre-AbK event:

and lets not forget GC's big event this year: Grand Chase World Championship 2009!!!

wow! that was just too awesome! and if am not mistaken amy is equipped with a violin right? wish i could be there in korea on december 29 :( lol! btw! am looking for teammates(from laguna if posible lol) for next year's competition though am not a good player, but ill do lots of training :D so if someone whos interested in aiding me in battle(lol) please lemme know!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


okay! heres my first un-happy post! haha am bad at keeping promises as you can see.. gomen! but i can't take it anymore! am about to explode from solving to many problems! heck do i care bout my professor's problems! i had my hands full of em! T_T

anyway am done stuDYING now lol! and thanks to rei and ghie for helping me solve MOST of the problems :) though i skipped the 7th problem... haha i think ill have a decent grade tommorrow... i hope? ;(

so thats it! my single entry for today! :( but dont worry ill be back tommorrow for more stuff and maybe some download link! ;) --maki here signing off!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

men's egg

yep! you've read it right! lol!!! but before you imagine something weird or obscene lol! men's egg is a japanese magazine that showcase j-street fashion for men! dont ask me why the name! heck do i know haha anyway i really like their style and i wanna wear them if i could :( (cant wear them because of many reasons but mainly because... IKEMEN-JA-NAI!!! lol! i can imagine your faces dear readers! lol)

on the topic: men's egg's models are really tanned i think its because the style is meant for ganguro male counterparts (i forgot the term). tips: some of the clothes there can be bought at your favorite ukay market lol! so this mag can give you lots of ideas in clothing and boost your style!!

btw i have 3 men's egg magazines and ill leave a download link here if you want to see the other two just leave me a comment :D and ill also post it here asap!


okay! i confess! >_<

lol! okay, i lied! lol! i said "no definite reason" earlier right? well... i lied!!! hahaha THERE IS a reason why i name my blog "smile-smile". it is because of a kawaii jap-actress:

Rina Aizawa

i first saw her kawaiiness when i watched Engine Sentai Go-onger lol! yeah! she appeared on a sentai show! (well most sentai's gals are really really really cute!) ...and oh lol! i missed my point here haha well the phrase "smile-smile" is actually her most used line in the series and not to mention my favorite!

so heres a vid of hers with the other go-wings miu + gaiark's kageresha performing: "G3-Princess" (edit: rina aizawa is go-onger yellow saki!)

[WARNING: excessive cuteness and boy fandom follows]



maki here!! and here's my first post! entitled: "smile-smile"

wonder why i named my blog: "smile-smile"?

for no definite reason i suppose? but to be honest smile-smile is my first (i think) blog name which is not japanese/anime-related nor antiGOD themed lol! and in this blog i really want to post good-stuff-only entries, so as much as i could i wont post negative things here... though i cant promise anything :)) haha!

so thats it! i hope that i can post entries here more often than my other blogs before and watch out for nice posts ahead!! :)