Thursday, December 17, 2009

cotton & alley

just got home and its really a nice day today! first, i went at our school to return carl's flash disk to bianca (but she deleted my transferred sentai vids boo! joke) haha anyway my classmates included me on their exchange gift and am happy to know that am part (in someway) of their circle :)

after that i joined ghie and rei for lunch and went to ghie's house to visit cotton! yay!! shes suuuuuuuper cute and really furry! we tickled her tummy and shes so adorable! plus not to mention her famed trick! ...SIT cotton SIT! lol! am looking forward to seeing her puppies... maybe next year? then after playing with cotton rei and i made a special keychains! thanks ghie for the clay! (i owe you P60) =)) i made a cat (named Alley) and rei made a... katipunero? hahaha

boo! need to say goodbye now :( i still need to study on physics for my exam tomorrow :( but am still doki-doki because tomorrow is xandra's birthday party slash christmas paty! yey!



Abba Limpiada said...

kyuuuuut! parang stuff toy lang! hahahaha. see u guys 2m! :D party time :D

Maki Lim said...

sobrang tas grabe 0 weight ata yan! haha sobrang gaan! gege party tom!!! txt txt n lan! :D

poopydoo said...

boo! hahahha! i miss you yaya!

bianca said...

boo ka jan! nisave ko kaya sa laptop ni pabs! XD emo ka ha, shempre part din tayo ng circle nila in someway, haha!

Maki Lim said...

@hasmin~ miss u din! nako ala ba tayo xmas party!? haha

@bianca~ wahaha! hndi yan emo haha appreciative lan! hahaha meganon! ui watch mu din kasi un powerrangers! haha

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