Monday, December 14, 2009


translates as "gekiviolet" as in THE first violet in sentai! sorry if am too late for this kind of post, but am still very new at sentai stuff so please forgive me lol! anyway i like the color violet but not the same as like that i have on yellow, i only have 3 violet shirts and they are all organizational shirts haha (violet are our org color.... cool ne?(sarcastic mode)) anyway am still happy that theres a violet ranger and still waiting for an orange =)) and btw hes animal or whaddyou call that? ...spirit i guess? is a wolf! awooo! cool huh? :)

Riki Miura

miura's second pic is from here is greenwood's live action adaptation, they said that the series are good and not to mention suzuki hiroki (gekired) is a girl there in the series O_O okay how can HE be a SHE!?

btw i havent watched jyuken sentai gekiranger so i cant give anymore comments bout my post but i did watched go-onger vs gekiranger movie and i look forward on seeing geki now! all i need to do is wait for my downloads to finish lol! and its weird no? i started watching sentai from shinkeger to go-onger and now to gekiranger haha i plan to download magiranger too because there's tsubasa! the magiyellow! :D



Abba Limpiada said...

sinu po ito? ampuge! meron ba orange? sana post ka ng ibang members nila :D

Maki Lim said...

haha c riki miura yan kahawig ni yamapi imo :))
ala pa ata orange? haha post ko dito kun meron me makita hehe sa xmas break ipopost ko lahat ng kilala kong ranger! lolx!

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