Wednesday, December 9, 2009

men's egg

yep! you've read it right! lol!!! but before you imagine something weird or obscene lol! men's egg is a japanese magazine that showcase j-street fashion for men! dont ask me why the name! heck do i know haha anyway i really like their style and i wanna wear them if i could :( (cant wear them because of many reasons but mainly because... IKEMEN-JA-NAI!!! lol! i can imagine your faces dear readers! lol)

on the topic: men's egg's models are really tanned i think its because the style is meant for ganguro male counterparts (i forgot the term). tips: some of the clothes there can be bought at your favorite ukay market lol! so this mag can give you lots of ideas in clothing and boost your style!!

btw i have 3 men's egg magazines and ill leave a download link here if you want to see the other two just leave me a comment :D and ill also post it here asap!



chibi-abba said...

love ur blog maki!! hehehehehe... cute! :D

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