Wednesday, December 9, 2009

okay! i confess! >_<

lol! okay, i lied! lol! i said "no definite reason" earlier right? well... i lied!!! hahaha THERE IS a reason why i name my blog "smile-smile". it is because of a kawaii jap-actress:

Rina Aizawa

i first saw her kawaiiness when i watched Engine Sentai Go-onger lol! yeah! she appeared on a sentai show! (well most sentai's gals are really really really cute!) ...and oh lol! i missed my point here haha well the phrase "smile-smile" is actually her most used line in the series and not to mention my favorite!

so heres a vid of hers with the other go-wings miu + gaiark's kageresha performing: "G3-Princess" (edit: rina aizawa is go-onger yellow saki!)

[WARNING: excessive cuteness and boy fandom follows]



bianca said...

fanboy na fanboy ah! hahaha!

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