Saturday, December 12, 2009

onaji iero!

translates as: "the same yellow"... okay sounds weird right? i guess your wondering same to what? haha it means same to shinken red or any shinkenger who introduced themselves before shinken yellow and since she(shinken yellow) is the 5th shinkenger it is very rare that she says "shinken iero"... okay enough of my sentai-geekiness lol

Suzuka Morita

shes kotoha hanaori she is the samurai of earth (tsuchi no samurai) aka shinken yellow! and shes soooooooooooooo cute! i didnt have any proper research bout her profile but i think that shes a gravure idol?? am not sure but when i googled her i saw gravurish pics

and i love the kotoha x chiaki (yellow x green) pairing, they look soo cute together! id like to have em as keychains or cellphone charms lol! plus! takeru is meant for mako (red x pink)! wooo yeah! haha id like to talk about them but thats for another post! so better wait for it ^u^



bianca said...

She's really a gravure idol. ~_~

Maki Lim said...

yah! but shes cute nmn kaya its ok haha

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