Thursday, December 10, 2009


okay! heres my first un-happy post! haha am bad at keeping promises as you can see.. gomen! but i can't take it anymore! am about to explode from solving to many problems! heck do i care bout my professor's problems! i had my hands full of em! T_T

anyway am done stuDYING now lol! and thanks to rei and ghie for helping me solve MOST of the problems :) though i skipped the 7th problem... haha i think ill have a decent grade tommorrow... i hope? ;(

so thats it! my single entry for today! :( but dont worry ill be back tommorrow for more stuff and maybe some download link! ;) --maki here signing off!



bianca said...

Ikaw na may mga download links! xp

poopydoo said...

watevr makes you loser yaya! =p

Maki Lim said...

whahaha poopydoo?! :))

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